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Urban Parrot Project

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The Urban Parrot Project (formerly known as the San Diego Parrot Project) began with the assistance of undergraduate students enrolled in Dr. Ortiz's Research Methods course at the University of San Diego in Spring 2019. Dr. Ortiz began a Facebook page for the project as a central hub to connect the community with the project and initiate a citizen science component to the project. Through Facebook, the community is able to submit their parrot sightings through a submission form. Additional components of the project include habitat use, behavior, and activity.

The goals of the Urban Parrot Project are to:

1. Establish a monthly monitoring program for introduced urban parrots to track trends in population sizes and species occurrence

2. Educate the community about introduced parrots

3. Engage the community in citizen science

of Southern California

Current Sub-Projects:

Roost size estimates through thermal imagery

Coming Soon

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