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Conservation Education

We are most interested in exploring the training and preparation of K-12 teachers in environmental literacy, ecological knowledge, and perceptions of real-world issues related to the environment and conservation. Even more so, we are passionate about exploring the land ethic, stewardship, and affinity towards nature that is present in students attending underserved, urban schools.

Learn more about our ongoing project below!

Cal Poly Wild

Education Research Interests:

  • Professional development of teachers

  • Curriculum development and evaluation

  • Visiting scientists in the classroom

  • Practice of inquiry in biology education at the university level

  • Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CUREs)


Urban Wildlife Ecology

Learn more about our ongoing projects below!

Urban Parrot Project

Urban Wildlife Information Network

We are most interested in work relating to population monitoring, particularly involving non-native species, behavior, habitat use through the use of GIS and remote sensing techniques and field surveys, human attitudes and perceptions towards wildlife.

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